Community consultation

Approach and aims

An involved community consultation process developed the project. Consulting with 3 main groups to understand the hopes and concerns of the local community of Chobham.


The Community Land Trust is formed of a group of local community members who have volunteered an interest in supporting the development. This includes neighbours, prospective residents and other interested parties in the community. The feedback from this group has helped to shape the design you see today.


A second forum for consultation was established specifically for neighbours on streets adjacent to the site. There were 2 well attended sessions which has enabled neighbours to express concerns and aspirations for the scheme. A number of the neighbours have also joined the CIC group.


Drop-in sessions took place to update and inform about the team, the project aspiration and the development of proposals for the site.

This is a chance for us to show you what we have developed with the community. The aim is for us to get feedback from you, the local community.

What we’ve learnt from you

This is a summary of the key topics raised at neighbours’ forums and members workshops. The scheme shown today reflects the discussions surrounding these:

WHY THIS SITE The suitability of this site for development – it is identified in Local Planning Policy

AFFORDABILITY How affordable homes will be defined and who they will be for

NUMBER OF HOMES How many homes are proposed, and why that number

ROAD SAFETY + TRAFFIC Safe entry and access on and off site, and impact on traffic including during construction

BIODIVERSITY How to protect the biodiversity currently on-site, and find ways to enhance it

INTEGRATION WITH VILLAGE Aspiration for pedestrian access through and to the site

BOUNDARIES Consideration for site boundaries to ensure privacy and landscape amenity are retained.

Ongoing dialogue


If you missed the open community consultations on Saturday 27 2018 October and Wednesday 14 November 2018, you can view the exhibition boards here.


You said we should protect and enhance the biodiversity and ecology on site. Do you support our approach to limit access to areas of the site?

You said Mincing Lane was unsafe for pedestrians. Do you support the idea of a pedestrian route through the site to the new Little Heath SANG avoiding the road?

Please use the Contact page to let us know your thoughts.

Indicative section exploring the approach to site and the relationship of spaces within it