How to join Sustaining Chobham

Membership – what’s in it for you?

Support the scheme – Members can be as involved as much or as little as they want to be in the work, but all members are expected to be in support of the plans for new affordable homes for local people at the Mincing Lane site we’ve identified. If you are opposed, you can still stay in touch to be updated, and raise your concerns with the council, but wouldn’t be able to take part or vote at the Sustaining Chobham meetings.

Appoint community directors – Members will be able to vote on two of the directors to represent the local community. Members will also be invited to an Annual General Meeting and other consultation meetings, and they may be asked to vote on specific issues as they arise.

Register interest in buying an affordable home – Some members will have an interest in buying one of the homes. Membership gives no guarantee that they will be able to do so, but it is the earliest way you can register your interest as a prospective purchaser.

We also want some members who are living close to the Mincing Lane site where we plan to build the affordable homes, to represent the interests and views of the existing neighbourhood.

You can resign as a member whenever you wish.

How do I apply to become a member?

Pay a £1 legal fee – To become a member you make a one-off payment of £1. You can pay using our online application form. £1 is the maximum extent of your financial liability as a member.

Sign the Members’ Deed – When you apply for membership, you’re asked to sign a Member’s Deed, a legal document setting out an agreement between the Sustaining Chobham and its members on their obligations to each other which you can find on our sign-up page.

Apply for membership of the Sustaining Chobham CIC