Housing needs survey

Bioregional Homes seek to build sustainable, affordable homes in areas where local people are priced out of the market. We speak to people who are being forced out of their area due to spiralling house prices. Gathering this data first means we are able to tailor our development appraisal to provide homes that are genuinely affordable.

A Housing Needs Survey was undertaken in June 2018 by Surrey Community Action. This is used to establish whether there is a need for affordable housing in Chobham.

A feedback form was sent to every household in the Parish, and 176 responses were returned (circa 10%). The outcome of which identifies a housing need in the Parish.

Of the 176 responses, 44 households felt their housing needs were not being met. Reasons include high rents prohibiting saving for a deposit, living with parents due to rent being unaffordable, or being unable to afford a larger home to accommodate a growing family. Overall:

  • 33 households are looking to move within the next 5 years, 20 of which in the next 2 years.
  • 53% said they would support the development of affordable homes, with priority for local people, 23% were unsure, and 24% said they would not.
  • 25 households expressed an interest in becoming members of a Community Interest Company to manage the development.