What is Sustaining Chobham?

A Community Land Trust has been established to deliver and manage new affordable homes in Chobham. It is called Sustaining Chobham and is a Community Interest Company (CIC). If you live, work or have family in the area and share our aims, you’re invited to become a member. Read on to find out more about Sustaining Chobham.

What is Sustaining Chobham?

Sustaining Chobham is a non-for-profit company which exists to provide local people with access to affordable home ownership in their own area. Recognising that ever-increasing market house prices in the area are unaffordable for many households and families, it has been set up to get homes built and sold at below-market prices to local people currently priced out of home ownership. Sustaining Chobham will hold the title of the land, to ensure the new homes retain the same discounts in perpetuity, and are managed in the interests of the community. These are going to be sustainable homes, providing maximum benefit for the environment, the local economy and community.

What does it do?

Sustaining Chobham:

  1. Involves local people, including future residents, in designing the new homes – including their architecture, layout, common facilities, sustainability features, and public access.
  2. Helps shape and plan how the homes and their green surroundings are looked after once people move in. It will take responsibility for maintaining and protecting shared features like the retained woodland and public footpaths.
  3. Sets out the policies for who can buy an affordable home in the new development, and makes sure they are re-sold at the same discount. It does this by acting as custodian and land owner (freeholder) to protect the site’s asset for community benefit after the homes are built.

Why does Sustaining Chobham need members?

Members are people who support the aim to provide local people with access to affordable home ownership. They will live, work or have family in the locality. Their task is to help guide Sustaining Chobham in carrying out its mission. The members won’t run it from day to day; that’s the job of the directors, and the managers and contractors they appoint. But members are consulted and involved, and can vote on the directors on a regular basis.

Find out more about becoming a member or apply for membership.